Saturday, 5 February 2011

3rd Project: AD103 Branding of a College Restaurant (ZEST)


Folded Menu 
Daily Menu
What I enjoyed:
I enjoyed this project, although Corporate Identity isn't my favorite area of Graphic Design.
I really enjoyed experimenting with mixed media in the development for the logo, I hought that this added a lot more character to the symbol and reflected on the characteristics of the Restaurant, which is what a logo is about. 
I also liked that this restaurant was a blank canvas, it didn't have a previous logo or an actual name, so it left the project wide open for any ideas. 

What I didn't enjoy:
I really didn't enjoy coming up with the restaurants name, as it's so difficult.
It's hard to find a name that communicates the restaurant without making it sound cheesy.
So I spent a lot of time looking at words associated with a restaurant and food to help with idea generation.

Problems encountered:
Coming up with the name was possibly the biggest problem I encountered, It took me a while to finalize my name as people had mixed views on it.
But I went with zest in the end, as it sounds fresh, lively and organic. All points that the client wanted to get through to customers.
So I thought the name was perfect.
The logo itself was also very difficult, as I didn't want it to be obvious, and I also wanted the logo to be quite simple and contemporary.
All my ideas pointed in the direction of a lemon, which is an obvious choice. So I tried to make it quirky and not look too obvious, which was a challenge and took a lot of development.

What went well:
The stationary and menus went very well.
Once my logo was finalized, I was able to come up with a simple theme for the menu, I thought a plain white background would keep it looking fresh and contemporary. I also thought that it complimented my logo really well.
After doing the stationary, I used the same colour palette and style, which I carried through to the menus, so that the style was consistent.

What didn't go well:
I don't think anything in particular didn't go well, I just struggled at first to get my name together and create the logo, but I got there in the end and it turned out to be successful.

New skills and knowledge acquired:
I gained more understanding into illustrator, and how to successfully trace a scanned  image without needing the pen tool.
I also gained the knowledge of name generation, and how to successfully develop the name.

Good time management:
I think I managed my time well, I met the deadline and managed to spend most of my time developing the name and logo.

SWOT conclusion:

I think my strengths with Corporate Identity lies more with the designing rather than the name generation. As I found it extremely difficult when I came to name generation, even though I got past it eventually.
If I was given a name I'd be able to come up with an idea and concept fine. So I'd find it easier rebranding a restaurant rather than Branding a new one.

My weakness in Corporate Identity is most definitely name generation.
I struggle as I tend to go for an obvious concept, instead of being clever or witty without making it cheesy. Which is definitely something I need to work on.

I think the main area of improvement is name and idea generation, which is a technique I must work on as the idea is one of the most important parts of designing.

My only threat at the moment is Idea and name generation, as I took a long time developing that in this project, whereas is the industry sometimes a design needs to be done in a short space of time, and I think my struggle with name and idea generation would jeopardize the deadline.

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