Saturday, 5 February 2011

4th Project: AD102 Puffin Book Cover Project

James and the Giant Peach
What I enjoyed:
I really enjoyed this project, Illustration isn't something I'm strong at, where drawing Characters is concerned. But after researching illustration and the various illustration styles for the report, I gained more understanding and it helped me with what I'm good at, and how to apply that to this project.
I really enjoyed experimenting with mixed media in this project, It's something that I love doing, so having the opportunity to apply that to this piece of work worked wonders for me, and created a successful design.

What I didn't enjoy:
The part I didn't enjoy was again idea generation. I found it difficult to come up with ideas, as it's a well known book, especially for the Quentin Blake illustrations, and the movie.
So it was a challenge on creating a new concept.

Problems encountered:
The only problem I encountered was idea generation, I failed again to come up with a variety of Ideas, however I had one idea in mind right from researching the various styles, and I knew instantly that it would work as a book cover. Which I proved to be successful.

What went well:
Apart from the idea generation, the project in general went really well.
I came up with a successful modern approach to the book, and I think that it would work well in the current market.
Development went well, the chosen media I used worked perfectly together and created a great book cover.
My typographic design was also really successful, and I'm proud of it.
I think that it still ties in with the target market (Children) while being modern and tying in with the current style in the industry.
I think that the design reflects my personal style too, I love using Brusho in my work, one of my favorite kind of illustration is Typography, and I always go for a clean, fresh look to my work.

What didn't go well:
Nothing in particular didn't go well, I found it easy to come up with my idea straight away during research and my development was straight forward. The only problem I have lies with my idea generation, which I will have to work on with each project I have in the future.

New skills and knowledge acquired:
Doing this project has gave me a wider understanding of illustration, the various illustration styles and what specific kind of work a certain style is applied to. Which helps me a lot when applying illustration to a project, as I will know what will work and what won't.
It has also helped me to identify my style, Typography is definitely one of strongest points.

Good time management:
I think my time management was ok, I spent a reasonable amount of time on development, but I didn't take long to create the book cover or the illustration itself.
I think this project was more about the understanding of illustration, and the various styles, so I spent a lot of time researching the various styles for the report, which I definitely benefitted from during the project and will have for future projects.

SWOT conclusion:

Looking at the completed project, I can now see that my strengths lie with Mixed Media and Typographic Illustrations. Now that I know this, I can apply it to future projects and develop my own personal style, which will make my work more recognizable.

As I have mentioned previously, my weakness is Idea Generation.
I failed again to come up with more of a variety of ideas. On the other hand, I still came up with a successful new concept to the book, which worked really well, and I'm extremely happy with the final outcome, which is the main point.

The only part I need to work on is Idea Generation.

The only thing that could possibly jeopardize my work and meeting a deadline, is Idea Generation as I struggle to come up a variety of ideas. But if I spend too long trying to come up with ideas, it decreased my time left on development.

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