Sunday, 6 February 2011

AD104 Task 5: Typographic Blogs

I love typography was the site which I found most inspirational and gained more understanding  from. This website unlike other Typographic blogs, focuses on how to teach you about typography, the history, how to make your own, and what fonts are popular in the current market. So it covers a wide variety of topics, as well as frequently posting inspirational typographic designs and various articles, etc.

The Origins of ABC

The first article I looked into was 'The Origins of ABC' which is based on the history of Typography, and how it has evolved over the centuries.
It goes all the way back to the very first form of written text, Pictograms, commonly associated with Egyptian Hieroglyphs.
It also looks at other written languages and compares them, showing the differences and the similarities between them
I found this so interesting, and I never thought about how pictograms could be the historical version of infographics.

This image shows a timeline of the various forms of written language, which I found really interesting and educational to see how the written language has evolved from symbols to separate letters.

On Choosing Type

Who shot the Serif

Arial Versus Helvetica


FormFiftyFive is another blog which I looked at, this covers a wide variety of articles, which are posted frequently, from Typographic Designers latest work, to New Typography websites launching.
What I liked about this site, is that it keeps you in the loop, and informs you of great opportunities, like this job which was available in november 
Unlike ILoveTypography, which is more of an educational blog, teaching you about the history of Typography and how to identify a specific font or tell similar fonts apart. FormFiftyFive, is more of a notice board, informing or updating you on the latest designers/designs and projects, and keeping you up to date on what's current in the industry. It also posts images which are found inspirational.

Designer Headstones

This article really stood out to me, as it's so unusual! while it's quite morbid, I thought that it was really interesting seeing an artistic and contemporary approach to Headstones and I never thought about how Typography is applied to them.
I like the style of the one above, I think the cubes is a cool alternative to the common shapes used. The style of the Typography is also quite cool, the way the letters have been spaced out and also the Typeface used.
It's a lot more modern, and I think it would be an interesting Idea to have customized or personal headstone, which could reflect on your personality, again a really morbid topic! but 

This headstone isn't quite as interesting as the one above, it's a little more boring.
It's simple and contemporary with the choice of colour and font, I think black is too miserable... I prefer the cube headstones
I've never quite associated Typography with Headstones, but this article has definitely opened my eyes to say the least! I wont look at headstones in the same way....

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