Sunday, 6 February 2011

AD104 Task 4: Typographic Design Companies

Typographic Design is also great for brands who want to have their own font, which expands their brand even more. Especially for television channels, as they're so many, you want a viewer to instantly recognize a channel by seeing their typeface on an advert, as sometimes channels don't necessarily have their logo in the top corner or on show all the time.
So there are definitely advantages of having bespoke Typography.


Fontsmith for example is a Typographic Design Company that specializes in bespoke Typographic Design, their portfolio shows more TV channels than any other form of company. They have also worked on large companies like Post Office, SEAT Car Manufacturer and even Lurpak.

The television channel I decided to focus on was SKY News HD, which is a popular channel, and the typeface used on all the sky news and football/sport channels is exactly the same.
It definitely carries the style and brand through every channel showing the family brand.

As you can see the font has been used on the Headlines, the icon in the top corner and the smaller headline bar on the bottom of the screen.
So it shows how the one font can be applied to every piece of info on the screen.
The advantages of this are so that it doesn't look mismatched, if every piece of info had a separate font, it would look a mess and some parts wouldn't stand out, and possibly wouldn't be legible. Whereas the channel will benefit more from their own bespoke Typeface, as it's guaranteed to be a reliable bold, legible font.

Here is another image showing how the font has been carried through to sky sports channel. 
The same font is used on all the score boards.


Daltonmag is another large Typographic Design Company which specializes in bespoke Typography. They've worked on a lot of large companies such as, BMW, Vodafone, BT, Recycle, Telewest and the National Lottery.

BT - Phonebook



As the portfolio didn't have various examples of one project, I decided to give 3 examples from a few of their projects for some of the most well known companies/brands.
Vodafone being one the most well known brands, is based all over the world, so this font is highly recognizable, as is the Telewest font and the BT font.
All the examples given show the advantages of bespoke Typography, how it can expand a brand and make it more recognizable from a small piece of info, and not just the company logo itself.

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