Saturday, 5 February 2011

Goals For The Next Project


The next project is another live project based on Puffin/Penguin Books. I have been asked to create a book cover for one of the following:
James and the Giant Peach or 100 Years of Solitude.
The book cover must reflect on the story line while adding a new concept and approach to the book.
So I will have to perform thorough research into the book of my choice, and come up with a variety of ideas to consider developing.
Idea Generation is something I want to try and improve for this project and future projects, as I don't come up with enough.
Whereas I need more ideas as a backup incase my chosen idea doesn't develop and to show that I have considered all routes.

Now that I have completed the branding project, there isn't anything that I would change.
I think I came up with a successful concept in the end, and most people liked it.
I thought that it was very modern and would fit in well with the current market. 
For the next project, I will work on my technique in idea generation. As I tend to only come up with a couple of ideas, whereas I need more variety.

I think that this is doable but it also depends on factors of the topic, and what it is i'm designing for, and whether I have the option to be more adventurous.
As if I have a set route it's sometimes hard to come up with an idea. Whereas with the branding project, I had too much opportunity to do what I wanted, that I found it hard to think of an idea.
But it's something I will try to focus on more.

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