Saturday, 5 February 2011

Goals For The Next Project


The next project is based on Typography. Which I think is going to be applied to a magazine spread. Both areas are something I have a huge interest in, Typography is something I tend to use a lot in most of my projects. I find that it's an interesting alternative to normal illustration, and it draws more attention to it/stands out more.
So for the next project I would like to gain the understanding of the main characteristics of Typography (Kerning, Leading, etc) and how to tweak them successfully.
If this is an editorial project also, I would like to gain an understanding of layout, and how to text wrap in InDesign, as it's something I don't know how to do, but it's a skill that I would benefit from.

After doing the Book Cover project, I think my skills in illustration are better than I expected, and I can now apply this to future projects, It may be something I could use for this project if it's Editorial and if it's based on a Typographic Design.
I would also like to continue to improve on my idea generation, and try to come up with more of a variety of ideas.

I think the goals I have set are achievable.

I think it is a realistic goal, it's something I need to be able to do for when I'm working in Industry as the Idea behind a design or project is just as important as the outcome itself, and you can't create an outcome without the design anyways!

Time Based:
I think from now until the end of year, I have plenty time to work on idea generation. So I can set my Goal for the end of my first year, and hopefully by the time I start my second year, I will be able to come up with enough ideas no problem.

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