Saturday, 5 February 2011

AD104 Task 1: My Top Ten Fonts

1. Helvetica

Helvetica is a font that I use a lot in my work, especially for small script on an advertisement or other kind of project. I find that a simple fine Typeface always pairs well with almost anything (depending on the theme or style of your work) For example I always go for a clean, fresh look, so Helvetica is an obvious choice.

2. Gill Sans
Gill Sans is another favorite font of mine, I was torn between whether to put this in first place, but I do use Helvetica more.
Gill Sans is my No2 because its so simple and contemporary, I tend to use this on stationary, I actually used this as the main font on my Zest project and used it on the small print of the logo.
It complimented the rest of the logo and style really well, and kept my work current.
It's also legible, and clean, which I prefer my work to look like.
I like this font because it can be applied to anything, it would work really well on an editorial piece, and it's also great for a logo, as it compliments it, and isn't overpowering.

3. Futura

Futura is another favorite font of mine, It's also very simple, but the curves create a nice lighthearted feel to it, Which would work well on designs/projects aimed at children. 
This font was actually used on Innocent smoothies as you can see.
This font would work well on packaging, like innocent smoothies, if it was paired with an illustration, as it would compliment the illustration without taking the focus off it, whilst still standing out. Overall, a good Typeface.

4. Braggadocio
Braggadocio is my No4  because I love using this on Advertisement projects, this is the font which I used on my Student Union posters.
This Typeface is perfect for clipping masks, with it being so bold, it would cover more of the image, so it would be more noticeable, rather than using a fine font, as you wouldn't be able to tell what the clipping mask is of.
It's definitely eye-catching, which is why it would be great for most advertisements, especially a poster.
It's also a plain modern font, so it is easier to apply, as it's not too extravagant or fancy and it also works well in the current market.

5. Champagne & Limousines
Champagne & Limousines is another font I use a lot in my work, I also used this on my Student Union posters on the small print.
It worked really well as it was fine, keeping the contemporary style the Braggadocio font has, and it also contrasted well with the bold font too.
I also like the shape of each letter, I think the curves also contrast well with the sharp straight lines that make up Braggadocio.
The only problem with this font is it's extremely fine, so you have to be careful with the font size, for example this wouldn't work well on stationary, like a business card especially, as the font is so small, it wouldn't be legible.
So Gill Sans would be my first choice of a fine font where Stationary is concerned.

6. Taller Evolution

Taller Evolution is another fine Typeface that I love.
Simple because it can be condensed like on the word 'Taller' and wide like on the word 'Evolution'. This font would be good on either an advertisement or on an editorial piece, for a headline especially. It's good if you want to put focus on a particular word.
The only problem with this font is you can't really use it on small print, as it loses it's legibility.

7. Mom's Typewriter

Mom's Typewriter is a Typeface that I came across on the site, a popular site for downloading various fonts. I actually downloaded most of the fonts above from there.
Any typewriter font would be my No7, but this one stood out in particular, for the grungy style that it has.
I think a typewriter font is good for if your design has an authentic/grungy style.
For example, for my research on the book cover project, a previous book cover for 100 years of solitude was a mixed media illustration, with a collage of different papers, with mono prints over the top, and then a typewriter font was used for the title, which gave the book cover a WWII style, which tied in with the story line as the war was in the story.
So this style of Typeface is good for that style of illustration.

8. VTKS Downtown
VTKS Downtown is another font I came across while browsing through Dafont.
I love this, It looks like charcoal.
I think this would work well for Typography on a mixed media piece with the charcoal effect, as the texture is spot on, and looks so realistic.
Even the smudges on the edges look realistic.

9. Hannah's Messy Handwriting
Hannah's Messy Handwriting is another of my favorite fonts, but it's not a typeface which can be applied to anything, which is why it isn't higher up in my top 10.
This font would be brilliant on an editorial piece, or a book cover.
Another student in class actually used this on his book cover, and it worked really well with his illustration, as it looks handwritten, so it paired well with his hand drawn illustrations.
It's also very childlike so it tied in well with the child target market.
I would definitely consider using this on a future project.

10. Sex Pistols

This Sex Pistols typeface is also from Dafont.
I love this font as it has every letter is different, it reminds me of the style of typeography on a ransom note, where separate letters from various sources are cut out then stuck down on a piece of paper to make up a message.
I think the style of typeface would be perfect for an editorial piece.
Collages always work well in magazines, and I think this would pair well with a collage illustration.

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