Thursday, 18 November 2010

Research Task 2: Book Review

As well as looking on the internet, it's also useful to look into books at the library to see what other logos are out there that might not be as well known, to gain more inspiration for my ideas and to gain further understanding into how logos work and what is relevant for the business/service I will be branding.

I looked at a few books and came across "CorporateIdentity4". What I liked about this book was that it had examples for all different kinds of businesses, whether it was for entertainment, a product or a restaurant. So it was easier to compare the different styles and what ideas are commonly used for certain business.

The first Logo that stood out to me in this book was 'Zero'
Which is a frozen drink, like a Slush.
I think that the style is cool, it's modern and targeted to a younger age group, teens to early 20's maybe?
I like the logo or symbol which has been used, it is supposed to look like a snow flake, but has a spikey effect making it look sharp and gives me the impression of an energetic, or striking drink, maybe its a frozen energy drink?
I also like how the drink has been altered for each drink so the style is consistent but slightly different for each flavor.
I also like the main logo, which is plain typography, it's modern but I think it's well chosen as it won't date.
I think that it matches the symbol well and meets the target market.
Overall, it's a successful logo.

The second logo I came across was this logo for "". Which made me think of the Space Bar.
I think something like this would work well for the Space Bar if it kept the same name, however the name needs to change.
I still like the style and the simplicity of this logo, so something like this would work nicely.

I was surprised to come across the 'Warners Brothers' logo as I didn't recognize any other logo in this book.
This logo is widely recognized all over the world for the looney toons, and lots of movies, etc.
I love this logo, it has an old fashioned style, it makes me think of broadway.
I love the shape of the logo, it's very bold and yet really simple.
I don't think this would work as a logo for a restaurant though...

I thought this logo was interesting, I like the way the 'O' is much larger.
I also like how the logo has been used in these images, especially on the business card, it's different and quirky!
I like the simple Typography, it doesn't take too much focus off of the 'O'.

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