Sunday, 14 November 2010

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What I enjoyed about this project: 

I have really enjoyed this project, I liked the fact it was a live brief so it gave me even more of incentive to work harder on this.
I liked the subjects that there were to work on, the sexual health subject is something that I could play around with, I could choose any style I wanted to work on this but in the end went for photography as rest of the class went with some form of illustration and as I mentioned for the previous project, I like to be different.
I thought that photography looked modern, and would attract my age group, especially the objects I put together for my photos, they are more targeted to my age group like the leopard print underwear and flavored condoms.
I also liked using InDesign, it's the first time I've used it on my outcome, and I found it alot easier using that program for my development, I liked how you could just keep copying and pasting onto new pages to view each stage in the same file. So I will be using that program for  all my future projects.

What I didn't enjoy: 

the only thing I didn't enjoy was going out shopping for objects to go in my photos, especially the condoms and lube! got lots of funny looks, so it was quite embarrassing...
but other than that I enjoyed the project and found it fun working in the photography department.

Problems encountered:

The only problem I did encounter was idea generation, I found it hard using the inspiration I got from research as there was so many different Ideas in mind. Eventually I narrowed it down to the clipping mask, which turned out to be successful and most effective.

What went well: 

Most of the project went well, the idea behind my posters was simple, taking pictures and creating a clipping mask with a chosen font, so it wasn't difficult.
The poster turned out how I wanted it, and was successful in communicating the various subjects while showing consistency so you could tell they were a pair.

What didn't go well: 

there wasn't anything in particular that didn't go well. Although when taking photos of the lights I found difficulty getting the right lighting so the fairy lights would show well. In the end all that was needed was a black sheet behind and arranging the lights so there wasn't large gaps between lights.

New skills and Knowledge acquired: 

The only skills I've acquired in the project would be use of InDesign, even though I've used it in I.T sessions, Using it for putting together my own work was difficult at first, remembering to have save the files etc, I also needed to be organized with the files so that they were kept together as if the files were missing that image wouldn't be present in the poster.

Good time management: 

I think my time management was good,  I spent the right amount of time researching and was ready to start idea generation, I also had plenty time to tweak my poster as I chose a simple concept so didn't take a lot of work to put together (the process was simple).

SWOT conclusion


I think this time round my work was more organized and I also did more research using magazines and books from the library so I covered a wider variety of sources, which worked in my favor, so that was a goal I met which i set from the previous project.
I also thought I managed the photography well, and took great photos, and learned new skills with lighting effects.


I can't think of anything I need to improve on other than idea generation, again I got stuck but I think that was down to too much inspiration, but that will be a problem I face a lot in the future, the main point is that overcome the problem and produced a successful pair of posters in the end.


I can't think of anything I can improve on at the moment, other than with idea generation, needing to relax, instead of trying too hard, especially when I could have been more witty with the meaning behind my typography, choosing a witty phrase, etc. 
I will also continue to work on my InDesign skills so I'm more confident when putting my work together.


There isn't anything that would block me from achieving my goals that I can recognize with this project, as I was successful and created a successful pair of posters, communicating the subjects well.

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