Sunday, 14 November 2010

Branding Design Website Reviews

As this project was based around branding, I decided to look into design companies to see what logos are out there, so I can gain a thorough understanding of logo design, what works, what's popular, etc.

The first website I looked at would be FutureBrand, This website had plenty well known logos in their portfolio, UPS, Air Canada, Microsoft, Barclays, Intel and more.
I thought this would be good to compare with the next website, as this company covers larger companies, I have noticed the larger, or the more well known the company, the simpler the logo is, I think a company like intel or UPS needs a simple Iconic logo, a Symbolic Logo, so that you can recognize that company just by seeing that image.
Instead of needing to actually read Typography, You can see a symbol and immediately relate to that company.

The next site I looked at was Pearlfisher.
They also did branding for a lot of well known companies like Innocent, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Absolut Vodka, Waitrose and more. I noticed that the companies were food/drink brands, and mainly consisted of Typography.
You can also tell from the designs what target market the brand is aimed at, innocent has a more simple and lighthearted typeface so that would be aimed at a younger age group, where as Green&Black's is a more sophisticated typeface so its aimed at an older age group. So that is something I also need to consider when creating my logo.
Just by comparing these sites I can see that a certain kind of company uses a certain kind of logo, I don't think a symbolic logo would have worked as well as a Logo Type, however pepsi uses a combination logo, I think it would only work if it had Typography with it, like innocent also has a little smiley face as a symbolic logo.

I think both graphic design companies are great and have produced some brilliant logos.
I'll take the knowledge I've gained from this research task and apply it to my idea generation when I come to that point.

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