Saturday, 13 November 2010

Virtual Reality

What I enjoyed about this project:

I have really enjoyed this project, and I'm pleased this was the first project of my first year, as it gave me the opportunity to be creative and do whatever I wanted. Which is one thing that I loved the most about this project, I had a lot of freedom.
The topic for the poster itself was an exciting one, virtual reality covers such a wide range of avenues to down, such as games, films, and even dreams. So it was something I could go crazy on once I got into the project and began brainstorming.

What I didn't enjoy and problems encountered:

I can't say that I haven't  enjoyed this project if I'm honest. I have found it a huge challenge where my illustrator skills are concerned, but it has been good for developing my skills and making me more comfortable with the software.
Typography based designs are not something I've focused a lot on, so creating an image entirely out of text was a such challenge and out of my comfort zone.
But it is always my intention with every project to push myself to the very limit.
Towards the end of the project I was getting a little fed up as I sat for days tweaking small bits of the design (perfecting it) as I wanted it to look as detailed and as close to a real PS3 control pad that I could achieve.
Which I think I was successful in achieving.

What went well:

I think the whole project in general went well, my design was successful, and I learned new skills on how to manipulate the typography in illustrator.
I'm so pleased with the outcome, and I'm quite shocked I was able to pull it off so well as it was something which was new to me.
I think I was also successful in communicating my views on virtual reality, which is the main point of the poster itself, so everything went well!

What didn't go well:

There wasn't anything in particular that didn't go well.
However, At first it was difficult to put the design together, and getting the hang of manipulating each word so it created the perfect shape of a PS3 control pad. It took a while to achieve the end product, but I got there eventually!

New skills I've acquired:

I think the only skills I've acquired in this project are successfully manipulating typography in illustrator, simply by altering the characters (by tweaking the Kerning, Leading, tracking, and Vertical Scale).

New knowledge acquired:

From completing this project I've gained a firm understanding of virtual reality and it's various forms, as well as how to manipulate typography in illustrator.

How good was my time management:

I think I managed my time very well, I hit the deadline and produced a good body of research/development to go with my final outcome.
I think I spent the right amount of time researching too, as it left me lots of time to focus on my final design, I sat for 2 days perfecting certain areas and didn't feel under pressure (which helped me a lot in creating a good design, it wasn't messy).

SWOT Conclusion


In any project I do, I always perform thorough research into subject, so I gain a full understanding of what it is I'm being asked to do, What is expected of me, and what is already  out there in the world.
It helps me to rule out certain ideas that might come into my head instantly as the idea could have been done already, I like to be different, and come up with something new.
Which is why I would never jump in with both feet.
As well as thorough research, I do thorough development, so the end product is done to the best of my ability and looks as professional as possible (another strength I'd like to think I have, Professionalism)


One weakness I recognize a lot, is that sometimes I find I'm not relaxed or loose in terms of idea generation, for example If I need to be witty I think too much into it so I get stuck!
With this project the idea came to me through doing research so wasn't a problem this time round.


I think where my weaknesses are concerned, it will take time to just relax, in a year I hope I have made some progress with that as it holds me back sometimes and can make me less confident as a designer.


The only threat I recognize with myself is confidence as a designer, I don't speak up if i have an idea, similar to what I said about Idea generation above, I'm not relaxed enough, again it will take time to gain that confidence to speak up when i need to, (I'm working on it! and I have improved from ND graphics)

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