Sunday, 14 November 2010

Goals For Next Project

The Student Union project was also very successful, And I didn't really encounter any problems, I also worked on the goals I set from the virtual reality project, and met them, so the only goal I can really set is to just keep it up and not slack in organization or motivation to annotate as I go along.

SMART Goals: 


The next project is based on Logo Design. I'm not sure for what business yet, but I think in terms of research I can look into books in the library like I have done for the student union project to cover a wider range of sources.


I know that doing more in depth research made it easier for idea generation, but I maybe had too many ideas and found it hard to choose a main idea to develop. So maybe I need to find that balance of not too much and not too little amounts of research.


I think this is achievable, I'll just have to stop myself from putting too much research down, and once I have a good few inspirational designs to start idea generation at that point.


It is definitely realistic, and I know myself when I have a good idea! I just need to narrow down what research I put in my sketchbook.

Time Based: 

The next brief hasn't been delivered yet, but I know that I will meet the deadline, I'll plan ahead one I receive the brief.

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