Sunday, 14 November 2010

Goals For Next Project

After doing the virtual reality project I managed to get back into the creative process well, and found it easier to organize myself for the second project.
I always end up leaving my annotation until the last minute, so I'd like to try and organize my work better and annotate as I go along, instead of rushing at the end.

SMART goals


For the next project (which is a live brief) I have been asked to create a pair of posters for the college Student Union.
There are 5 subjects to design for, which I must chose 2 from.
The purpose of the posters is to communicate the subjects in a creative way which draws the eye of students (my age group), while keeping the style similar so that the posters look like a pair or are related to the same group (Student Union).


With the virtual reality project, I was successful in communicating my views on virtual reality in a way that i intended, a simple way!
I did thorough research into all the forms of virtual reality and came up with the idea of using words which also mean both virtual and reality, to create the form of a PS3 controller, but keeping it very modern, clean and fresh, which is my style.
I don't think there is anything I would change about my outcome if I did it again, but if I was to produce my development and research again, I would organize myself and my work a little better instead of leaving things until the last minute.
So for the next project I will work on my organization so I don't rush towards the end.
I think I'd also like to include other sources of research, so I could try looking at magazines and books from the library as well as on the internet.


I think these goals are definitely achievable.


The library will have plenty current magazines for me to look at to see what posters are out their for the target market already. So this will be the first place for me to look at when researching posters for this next project.
There will also be plenty books for me to look at to see what various examples of posters their are, which I can then use as inspiration and use certain styles for my designs.
I can also see what series of posters are out their and how they have been laid out, and what is consistent in them to show they are related.

Time Based: 

I have 4 weeks to complete the next project, so I have plenty time to organize my work and plan what I will do over the next 4 weeks to produce my pair of posters.

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