Saturday, 13 November 2010

AD109: Seaton Sluice Logo Design


As part of our Work Related Module (AD109) we will be doing a series of live briefs throughout the year.
The first one we have done is the Seaton Sluice Pre School Logo design.
Seaton Sluice was a fairly straightforward project, the Pre School got in touch about rebranding their logo. They wanted something more relevant to the Pre School, that would look quite light hearted and fun. They put forward a drawing created by one of their pupils, which was a pencil drawing of a rosette. So they decided to go with the idea of using the rosette as a symbolic logo.
Since the idea was already given, it was down to the class to interpret this idea and come up with a logo for the Pre School that would speak fun and childish without looking unprofessional or ‘tacky’.
I begun with researching into rosette shapes, both real rosettes and computer generated, to see the various details. I then took this knowledge and used it to develop some first ideas.
I gave mine a zig-zagged edge to give it more character rather than just having a smooth edge. I originally gave it three ribbons but altered it to two, as it looked too over crowded.
There wasn’t much development to be done to the colour, as the colour preference was narrowed down, due to the colour of the Pre Schools sweatshirt (a deep Purple) so the colour had to be bright and a colour that would compliment the purple. I decided to go with a bright yellow and white. Both colours that I put forward in my final ideas. I thought the yellow looked nice with the purple and looked warm. The white also stood out a lot, however I think the yellow would grab your attention a lot more and looks more fun/childish.
IT was a good experience doing this project, and it's a good way to break us into doing more live briefs.

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