Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Design Competitions/Live Briefs

As a PPD Task, the class was asked to research into current Design Competitions,
I looked at quite a few, but these were the ones which I found most useful and most interesting.
D&AD is a well known Design Awards so this was one of the first that I thought of.
My favorite Design Competition website was graphiccompetitions.com because it had a variety of competitions, instead of just one. It also caters for all design categories, so it had lots of graphic design briefs and photography, advertising, etc. So it's my favorite from the bunch!
I also liked it because of the variation in briefs, it wasn't just general artworks which can be entered in by designers, It also had briefs where you can design an accessory, packaging, etc.
I really enjoyed this task, it opened my eyes and made me more aware of the competitions which are available to enter into, and I will definitely keep checking, as doing this expands my portfolio too!
D&AD Student Awards

Northern Design Competition

Roses Design Awards

Graphic Design Blog

Penguin Design Awards 

Graphic Competitions

YCN Design Competitions

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