Monday, 4 April 2011

Weekly Time Plan starting: 04.04.11 (Editorial Project) AD108


Continue developing Double spread and following page in InDesign. Start to finalize, and print development, start annotating to keep up with work.


Finalize double and following spread, print off and mount onto Black card ready to hand in.
Continue with development book, print off any more screen prints, annotate, and begin Written Report.


Continue with Written Report, Evaluating my Final Piece (1500 Words max). Talk through research, any Ideas which have been taken from it, talk about the chosen Grid System and Layout, following onto the given Topic, what or who I Focused on, what the concept was for the spread, and where I got this from. 'Why why why?' what choices I made and the reasoning behind it.


Finalize Report, add any images which will help communicate what I have written, and print off to put with mounted work to hand in.


Go through research and Development, read through annotation and make sure that it's explaining my ideas fully, and finalize to hand in on monday.

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