Wednesday, 13 April 2011

AD108: Editorial Project (Newcastle and the Arts)

'Newcastle and the Arts'

What I enjoyed:

I really enjoyed doing this project, Editorial is possibly one of my favorite topics in Graphic Design, So I loved having the opportunity to do this.
At first I wasn't sure on my topic, but eventually once I got into it, the concept just came to me (Jim McElvaney style).

What I didn't enjoy:

There wasn't anything that I didn't enjoy about this project, I love Editorial Design, and I had fun working on the magazine spread. 

Problems encountered: 

The only problem I encountered, was developing an idea, as it's hard to think of something when it was 'Newcastle and the Arts' I tried to do something original, and in the end looked at lazarides and found Jim McElvaneys exhibition.

What went well:

Everything about this project went well, it was straight forward with putting it together, especially from the tutorials given on InDesign in I.T sessions. It really helped my understanding of the program and I was able to put a successful editorial piece together, and I'm satisfied with the outcome.

New skills learned: 

Creating a successful piece of editorial design.

SWOT conclusion:


Development, I'm very quick when developing an idea, and I produce lots of variations.


Idea Generation (sometimes!) it depends of the topic given, sometimes I find it hard at first to get into the project to gain ideas and concepts


I will continue to work on Idea Generation


Again, just Idea generation, but I'm continuing to work on this with every project.

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