Wednesday, 11 May 2011

AD109: SPACE Logo Design


As part of my Work Related module, we were given a series of live briefs to work on.
Space was the 3rd brief that we worked on, which is the HE bar and I.T centre.
Space turned out to be even more complicated than BlueBridge. The client didn’t want anything associated with outer space, no planets, stars or aliens. So it was hard to come up with a concept without thinking of space.
I also couldn’t get the MySpace logo out my head, as it’s really unusual and space also symbolises the fact its used as a place to get some ‘space’ and chill out, and the space can also be used for gigs.
So I tried to use this idea, and applied it to my designs.
I eventually decided to produce something simple, something that didn’t really focus on one area; it’s neutral in a sense. My style is always a more contemporary, minimalistic approach.
Therefore, I created a simple Typographic logo, where I focused on the shape of the lettering. I decided to leave spaces in certain letters, which would emphasise ‘space’. I also went for a light blue with a grey, its contemporary and ties in with the college too, but there are options of colour too if the client wanted another colour.
I wasn't as keen on this brief as I was with BlueBridge as I found it more difficult to think of ideas, I had the same problem when choosing a restaurant for the branding project. But I managed to get an idea in the end and I'm satisfied with the outcome.

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