Wednesday, 11 May 2011

AD109: 4Tomorrow Poster Live Competition

4tomorrow Posters

The last part of the Work Related module was to choose our own live brief/competition to work on.
I found it hard to decide on one in the beginning. At first I went for and urban art competition, where you create 3 pieces of mixed media artwork based on your city, which was right up my street. However, I came across the ‘poster 4 tomorrow’ competition, which reminded me of the Student Union project, so I decided to focus on this instead.
The quote for this year’s competition was ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ which lead me to the idea of using the nuclear symbol/sign or nuclear bomb as part of my concept.
I used the shape of a brain to symbolise knowledge and education and then placed the nuclear sign inside, which was simple but looked modern and it was eye-catching, so I think it communicated the quote well, serving its purpose.
My second poster was the nuclear bomb, where I created typography ‘Education’ in the shape of the bomb and had it as though it was being dropped from a plane. This again spoke the message clearly in a different way than something more obvious. I learned from the Student Union project, that you should try and be ‘quirky’ with that kind of project, have a bit less of obvious and a bit more creative humour. Which is what I tried to do.
I also decided to use cut outs of paper, which I layered up with foam stickers and then scanned them into the Mac as the poster, as I thought this would look more interesting than in illustrator, and also because this style itself looked childish, tying in with education. Further more I added a handwritten font to the quote to emphasise that childish theme.
I will also submit these posters into the live competition, which I have the chance to win a work placement in Paris. So this negotiated project has been a great opportunity as it allows you the chance to expand your portfolio and gain some recognition for yourself by entering live competition/briefs.
Out of all 4 projects in this module I think this is my favorite. I enjoyed working on something I enjoyed doing and it gave me the opportunity to be more creative.

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